About the Instructor


My name is Jayne Ackerman, Owner of Infant Aquatics® 614.  I am a certified Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist with over 150 hours of training in Infant Aquatic Survival.  I have more than 13 years of professional experience teaching swimming lessons and 8 years of coaching experience. I am certified in first-aid, CPR, water safety instruction, lifeguarding, lifeguarding instruction, & pool operation. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University.

I have dedicated myself to teaching infants, children, and adults how to enjoy the water safely.  Survival skills are the building blocks for future recreational, competitive, and fitness swimming.  It is never too early to start learning these aquatic skills, that save countless individuals every year.

I'd love to hear from you! Please, reach out to me with any questions.

Jayne Ackerman



About Infant Aquatics®

SWIM•Float•SWIM!℠ is the safest, and most effective, way to learn to swim. Infant Aquatics℠ Instructors teach this method to all students to allow them to safely enjoy the water. Infants learn to roll over to a stable back float, which allows them to breathe until they can be rescued. Toddlers learn to propel through the water, roll over to float, relax and breathe on their backs, and flip onto their tummies and continue to swim again.

Since 1974, Judy Heumann (Founder of Infant Aquatics®) has trained over 50 instructors and has personally taught more than 7,000 babies lifesaving aquatic skills. Since founding the Infant Aquatics® network of instructors in 2000, she has continued training and mentoring instructors throughout the United States and around the world. Judy has designed a rigorous Instructor Training Program curriculum to help individuals become highly skilled Infant Aquatic Survival℠ Specialists who can save lives while building the confidence of the next generation of swimmers.

The Infant Aquatics Network is comprised of 100 certified survival swim instructors from around the world, teaching self rescue swim lessons to infants, toddlers and young children using the swim-float-swim method.  With unparalleled training, our instructors are uniquely qualified to teach your child to swim and survive a water accident!

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